Mission Trasformatori Tabacco Italia

  • Ensure  farmers a fair icome and the continuity of cultivation.
  • Produce, and process, quality leaf tobacco, with the utmost respect for workers and the environment in order to meet the requirements of the main international cigarette manufacturing.


  • Demostrate the ability to anticipate customers' expectations, with innovative and added value solutions.
  • Make it clear and evident that an ethical vision undoubtedly increases the value of technical results.


  • Pursure innovation and excellance..
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration between all parties involved.
  • recognize merit and results.
  • Inspire creativity and responsability.
  • Demonstrat personal integrity and respect for colleagues.
  • Honoring personal initiatives and the conquest ability to realization.
  • Promote and implement the principles of social responsability.

Personal commitment

  • Dedication to the development of an ethical, respectful and constructive working environment.
  • Be receptibe to new ideas, consider verious points of view and try to anticipate solutions to potential problems..
  • Accept responsabilities, share the result, pursue postive  changes and seek new opportunities.
  • Be conscious of being part of a large, professional team, motivated and enthusiastic about their role and their work.
  • Support a business that has hones, sound and transparent management.